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Background Information
Kathmandu Ornaments was established in response to preserve the traditional ornaments of Nepal and to fulfill the growing demand of modern ornaments in Nepal and abroad. Nepal is known as the country rich in culture; where most of the people ar Aryan as well as Mongol orgin; who follows different customs and traditions. In Hindu culture, it is believed that gold is a holy metal which is necessary from the birth of a child to death of a man or woman. A a common practice, mostly woman put on ornaments in different parts of their body where as men like to wear rings and chains. Woman of certain tribe and castes wear ornaments in a special festivals and occasions like wedding deremony while some other caste's woman wear ornaments from top of their head to tip of their toes in the year round. Ornaments, in Nepali culture, are not only worn for fashion but they have also cultural importance. Most Aryans and Mongols, having beliefs upon religion, tantrism and horoscope, wear stones and lockets with expectations of good prosperity and luck in their life.

Modern still and plastic ornaments are gradually driving traditional ornaments in the urban areas; so it is felt need to preserve the traditional ornaments as the heritage of Nepali culture.

Kathmandu Ornaments with the motto of "No compromise in quality for customer's satisfaction" was established in Kathmandu under Nepal Government's Company Registrar Office with the registration number in the year 2000. Its showroom is situated in front of west gate of BICC building at New Baneshwor, the heart of capital. KO prides over its own special characteristics - 100% handmade merchandise assuring for prompt, reliable and satisfactory services for its valued customers. KO specially deals in different kinds of traditional as well as modern golden and silver jewelries, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones. Now, KO is the leader in handmade ornaments offering customers a continuum of quality goods/ornaments to meet their growing need. In the changing world, machine made ornaments made of steel and plastic is the choice of the young generation, but handmade ornaments made of gold and silver, diamond and precious stones' market is not lacking behind. Its demand is growing day by day. With attractive showroom, highly skilled and experienced labourers and qualified management team, KO is proud to state that within this short period of time, it has succeeded to develop its market of traditional as well as modern designed ornaments and established itself as one of the major jewelry trader in Kathmandu city.

The main objectives of Kathmandu Ornaments are:
  • To preserve the traditional ornaments of Aryan's and Mongol's tribes.
  • To develop the design of modern ornaments as per the needs of the users; specially for the young generation.
  • To introduce Nepali handmade gold and silver ornaments in the developed countries; specially in Europe and USA.
  • To earn foreign currency, exporting order based golden, silver ornaments along with diamond and precious stones.

Procedure of Handmade Ornaments:
  1. Procedure from raw gold/silver to readymade ornaments.
  2. Procedure of preparing readymade diamond goods.
Our Specialities
Ornaments are not only worn for fashion, but they have cultural importance. Traditional ornaments and jewelries, so elegant, yet disappearing so fast due to replacement by the modern ornament/jewelries, Kathmandu Ornaments is proud for conserving traditional ornaments and is still manufacturing these jewelries. Besides this, KO is not lagging behind to manufacture modern jewelries to meet the need of the modern people of Nepal as well as the world.

   Gold & Silver Today

Date 2080-11-01
Gold (24 CT)  24 Carat Gold NRs. 100910.00/-
Gold (22 CT)  22 Carat Gold NRs. 100440.00/-
Silver  Silver NRs. 1196.00/-
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1 Tola = 11.664 gms, 10 gms = 0.8573 Tola
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